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Chiller (Black)

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  • Cooling power:710W Compressor power:605W
  • capable of temperatures between3-42°C
  • WIFI Connection, Remote Control by iOS & AndroidApp
  •  External water filter
  • CoolingPower(HP):0.8HP
  • Large particle filter.
  • Ozone sanitation.
  • Self-cooling.
  • With good pre-plunge hygiene, the water won’t need to be changed for up to 6 months!
  • Self-priming pump.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Size: L54xW40xH55CM

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About The Product

The "Oval Shape Cold Plunge" is a cold plunge pool featuring an elegant oval design. Cold plunge pools are specially designed for cold water therapy, often used in conjunction with saunas or hot tubs. The oval shape of this particular cold plunge adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance. It is designed to be filled with cold water, offering users a rejuvenating and invigorating experience. Cold plunges are known for their potential health benefits, including muscle recovery, inflammation reduction, and enhanced circulation. The oval shape of this cold plunge pool combines both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits Of Cold Therapy

Endurance refers to the ability of individuals to withstand and persist through the discomfort and challenges associated with cold exposure for therapeutic purposes. It involves mentally and physically enduring the low temperatures, often with the goal of reducing inflammation, promoting healing, and improving overall well-being. The practice of cold therapy, such as cold showers, ice baths, or cryotherapy, requires individuals to build resilience, tolerance, and adaptability to endure the intense sensations of cold. Through consistent practice, individuals can enhance their endurance in cold therapy, reaping its potential benefits for recovery, performance, and immune system support.
Muscle recovery involves utilizing cold temperatures to aid in the recuperation of muscles post-exercise.
Relaxation entails finding a state of calmness and tranquility while undergoing cold exposure. Despite the initial discomfort, individuals can embrace the cold, promoting mental clarity, stress relief, and a sense of rejuvenation.
Speed healing involves leveraging cold temperatures to accelerate the body's natural healing processes.
Cold therapy has the potential to boost the immune system by activating the body's natural defense mechanisms. Exposure to cold temperatures can stimulate the production of immune cells, improve circulation, and enhance the body's ability to fight off infections and illnesses.
Cold therapy promotes improved circulation by causing vasoconstriction, followed by vasodilation. This process helps to flush out toxins, deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues, and enhance overall blood flow, leading to improved healing and recovery.
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Product Highlights


Built-in OZONE disinfection device and external water filter. WIFI Connection, Remote Control by iOS & Android App. Overloading/Overheat protection.


We use the best 1.2mm DWF material, with a dropstitch density of 1.5cm for superior durability. Our material is verified by SGS, ensuring it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and of reliable high quality.


Max Cooling Capacity in Specified Spaces. Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Cooling and Heating. Manufactured with high-quality materials and components that can work 24/7.


The diameter of the inlet and outlet pipe is 25mm, making it compatible with most chiller connectors on the market. Our exquisite workmanship ensures no air leakage and no water leakage in the tub!

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Frequently asked Questions

The Frozen Oasis Ice Bath Tub is a true plug-and-plunge system - simply plug your power cable into a standard wall socket, fill your plunge tub with water and turn on the power to the chiller unit.The Chiller unit can be WIFI controlled via the Tuya Smart App which is available to download for free on IOS and Android. Pair your unique plunge tub to the app and control your temperature remotely with your phone for cold or hot plunge on demand.

The Frozen Oasis Dual Plunge is designed to run 24/7, with a powerful 1HP chiller unit. For optimal running efficiency, the tub should be covered when not in use and the filter cleaned on a regular basis.

Ice bathing and cold water exposure is generally a safe practice, however we recommend consulting a medical professional if you are concerned with pre-existing medical conditions and the contraindications of cold exposure.

We recommend taking an ice bath at least 3-4 days per week for optimal results. The latest science indicates that the minimum effective dose to achieve the metabolic benefits of ice baths is 11-15 minutes per week.

Ice baths and saunas both offer benefits for exercise recovery. In general, an ice bath is an ideal form of recovery following endurance based, cardio style exercise. Ice baths are not ideal following strength training. Contrast therapy, using periods of cold plunge followed by sauna is also an effect form of recovery for athletes.

For the optimal running of your Frozen Oasis Dual Plunge Tub we recommend changing out water every month and cleaning the filter in the chiller unit every 2 weeks based on a daily use of the tub.

It is recommended to change out your filter every 8-12 weeks, based on a daily use by a single person.To extend the life of your filter, we recommend showering before every plunge and minimising the dirt and particles that enter the ice bath by using the top cover after every use. We provide two(2) paper filter replacements with each order, and more can be purchased on our website.

All of our plunge tubs with chiller units are freestanding and do not require any plumbing installation. Both the Original Dual and Warrior tub feature an attachment that allows a standard 12 or 18mm garden hose to be attached to direct the water to a floor waste, drain or garden for drainage. The Portable tub varieties feature a drainage valve to empty the water.

Our chiller units are IPX4 rated, meaning they are safe to use in the outdoor setting. You must have a licensed electrician install a suitable weather-proof power source close to where you you will use the tub, never use an extension cord.We recommend at least overhead protection from the elements as direct sunlight exposure will significantly affect cooling performance.