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Water Absorbent Mat - Frozen OasisWater Absorbent Mat - Frozen Oasis
Water Absorbent Mat Sale price$35.99
Skimmer Net - Frozen OasisSkimmer Net - Frozen Oasis
Skimmer Net Sale price$19.95
Bath Protection Mat - Frozen Oasis
Bath Protection Mat Sale price$119.95
Insulated hose cover set - Frozen Oasis
Insulated hose cover set Sale price$159.95
( Pack of 4 )Replacement Partical Filter - Frozen Oasis( Pack of 4 )Replacement Partical Filter - Frozen Oasis
Tennis Ball - Frozen Oasis
Tennis Ball Sale price$2.50
Frozen Oasis Test Strips (pack of 3) - Frozen Oasis
Frozen Oasis Test Strips - Frozen Oasis
Frozen Oasis Test Strips Sale price$19.95

Ice Bath Accessories

Ice Bath Accessories Online and Supplies

Frozen Oasis is your perfect platform for all your ice bath essentials and accessories. Our precisely curated collection is created to enhance your ice bathing experience, ensuring comfort, safety, and convenience. Our ice bath accessories are the best in the market, and we provide them at affordable prices.

We know the importance of having the right daily accessories for your ice bath. We offer a collection of products, including:

Water Absorbent Mat

Keep your surroundings dry and slip-free with our super absorbent mat, perfect for placing next to your ice bath. After use, you can easily clean this mat in the washing machine, making it super handy.

Bath Protection Mat

Our durable bath protection mat protects your ice bath surface and ensures a comfortable experience. Our mat provides the best solution for cold water and keeps it the same way for a long time.

Insulated Hose Cover Set

Keep the exact water heat level with our insulated hose cover set, designed to prevent heat loss during filling.

Replacement Particle Filter (Pack of 6)

Ensure neat and clear water with our easy-to-replace particle filters, which are essential for maintaining water quality.

Frozen Oasis Test Strips (Pack of 3)

Monitor the condition of your ice bath water with our reliable test strips, offering fast and perfect results.

When you buy ice bath accessories online from Frozen Oasis, you're not just purchasing products but investing in a superior ice bathing experience. Our Ice Bath accessories and supplies are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned ice bath enthusiasts.